All-inclusive marquee wedding packages

All inclusive marquee wedding packages


The price of your marquee wedding package will vary depending on the size of your event and what’s included in it. In general, prices will fall into one of three categories:
• Per head pricing – this is the most common method as it allows you to cater to multiple guests at once (e.g., 50 people)
• Whole event pricing – this works best if you have a lot of specific requirements and want to be able to customize your package (e.g., 200 chairs, four tables, and a dance floor).
• Flat rate pricing is the simplest method because there are no hidden costs or surprises at the end of the day when everything’s done!


Marquee wedding packages include services, but the most important is planning. Your wedding planner will help you find a venue, coordinate with your caterer and florist, and make sure every detail comes together seamlessly on the big day. The next most important service is decorating—it’s what makes your venue special! You can choose from various styles and themes for both interior and exterior elements like lighting. For example, we have garden-style decorations that look natural yet elegant in any setting.
Marquee weddings also offer catering options for their clients’ reception meals. We work with different caterers who specialize in different cuisines so that our clients can select what suits them best without being limited by location or budget constraints (because we also offer all-inclusive packages). For example, suppose you want to serve food at your wedding but don’t know how many guests will be attending or whether they have any allergies or restrictions. In that case, this service will ensure everyone has something tasty on their plate while still keeping costs low enough that there won’t be too much pressure later down the road when money starts running short (which often happens after spending weeks planning).

Venue and location

Make sure you choose a venue that meets all your needs. The location and size of the forum will impact how many guests you can invite to your wedding, so it’s important to begin by considering how many people will attend. If you are planning a large celebration, then maybe it would be better to hold the event at a hotel or other similar venue suited for large parties.
A good place to start looking is online, where there are plenty of reviews available from previous customers who have attended weddings at these venues before! You can also find information about alternative buildings such as art galleries or museums that may not be open to public use during normal hours but can provide an interesting backdrop for your special day with minimal disruption from other visitors going about their day-to-day business!


The food options are varied, with a special menu for vegetarians and vegans. You can also opt for a specific dish that isn’t on the menu, as long as it’s possible to cook it. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies (e.g., no shellfish), let us know when we discuss your wedding plans so we can make sure our menus and chefs cover everything.
Please note that while we offer vegetarian dishes such as mushroom risotto and roasted vegetables with aioli, they may not be suitable for those who avoid gluten.
We’ll also provide separate vegan cutlery and crockery if required—and even carry out specific requests from anyone who has allergies or food intolerances so that nobody feels left out of the party!

An all-inclusive marquee wedding package is a great way to keep things simple when planning a wedding reception.

An all-inclusive marquee wedding package is a great way to keep things simple when planning a wedding reception.
With an all-inclusive marquee wedding package, you don’t have to worry about catering, furniture, decor, or anything else – it’s all taken care of! All you need to do is select your preferred location and let us know what kind of event you want to host. These marquees can be hired for corporate events, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations; the choice is yours.
All our marquees are fully customizable, so you can get exactly the look and feel that suits your personal style or theme – rustic or modern-day chic!

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